Monday, July 7, 2008


Good Morning! Here is a picture I took on July 1 of Sara, Victoria, Emma and our newest addition, Max. I adopted Max on Sat, June 28. I got him from a shelter down South Jersey when I was visiting family. The shelter people said that he is 7 yrs or older but can't be sure because his teeth are in very poor condition. He was exactly the kind of dog I have been looking for. He doesn't shed, he is house trained and hardly ever barks. It took him the entire week to get comfortable and happy but he finally came around on Sunday. He is running alittle and playing more. He will only eat Caesar food which is completely fine with me.... I am just so happy that he is eating! I made a vet appointment for him for the 18th. He has to have some teeth removed and other dental work as he has gingivitis. He will also have to go on antibiotics. Everyone has fallen in love with our little old man. He loves to go on long walks then come back home and lay in bed with Mark, my dh. Mark trys to get him riled up a bit and finally, Max started to fight back a bit. He is so cute! Bathing him is so easy... that's Sara's job and she loves it! I think Max feels right at home here and knows that we love him. Victoria and Emma each take turns walking him and holding him in the car when we go to the pet store. Sometimes I think Max gets exhausted just by all the attention he gets around here.


Lisamariemlt said...

your little old man story brought a smile to my heart
what a cutie
looks like he fits right and in is so loved
ps your blog is really looking good

Janet-May said...

I absolutely LOVE this, and being Miss Uncreative here, I can admire the time and thought put into this. I love the fact that it also keeps me informed as to how you, Mark and the girls are doing, along with your new little man. The pictures are coming in true and clear. I keep looking at them over and over. Look forward to seeing your next entry.

Marjorie said...

Love you blog...I've bookmarked it!

KSmith said...

great picture

Krystin said... sweet. I am so glad ou found him and he is getting comfortable in his new home. He looks so sweet.