Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Assembly Required {SAR} Challenge

Each month {SAR} has a Creative Challenge. They also pick a random winner for a terrific prize. September's Challenge is to alter a lunch pail or a similar container to win a fantastic prize. Go check out their lunch pail gallery and enter before midnight Tues., Sept 30.

Here is my take on the challenge:

Supplies Used:
Stampin' Up 3 Punch Tin
Stampin' Up Bella Rose Designer Paper
Stampin' Up Love and Happiness Green Olive Rubons
Stampin' Up Fairy Tale Ribbon Originals
Stampin' Up On Board Blossoms & Basics Chipboard
Stampin' Up Scallop Punch
Stickles Clear

I also made 4 cards and 6 tags to start. I just have to embellish them.

Use Your Stash Blog

Corey and Kimmie host an awesome blog called Use Your Stash. It is a blog that gets you to use supplies already in your stash to make room for new goodies. They post 2 challenges a month and put up an inspiration challenge on the weekends. I so wanted to scrap this weekend's challenge but was so busy with football yesterday and cheering pictures today plus all the running around we did in general. Take time to check out their blog... you won't be disappointed! Just click on the picture below.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

TIGS Teenagers and a Pizza Guy

Sara had a group of friends over to celebrate going back to school. What a great bunch they are!!! They all belong to a club called TIGS. Basically, TIGS is against drugs, alcohol and racism. Sara went away to camp with this group and kids from all over the state over the summer. They are very active in the community, with the elderly, troubled teens, and foster children. I will be doing a post this week about this wonderful club with more details. Anyways, they decided they wanted to order pizza from a local rest. While waiting for the delivery, they decided to make the "Pizza Guy" a hat and poster and cheer for him as he entered our yard. They also took pictures, sang to him and gave him a cupcake. He even got to keep the hat and poster. lol He said that they made his night since it was his last delivery for his shift. I don't think he knew what to think. It was so funny that I had to take a few pics. The kids said they did this at camp and couldn't resist doing it once more. The kids ages ranged from 15 - 18. They started arriving at our house around noon and left around 10:30pm. I think we ended up with 14 total before the night was over. They were all so good that I invited them back for a November 1st Halloween Bash.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peachy Cheap's Deal a Day

This site is so great! Each day they have a new deal. I forget who introduced me to this site... hmmm. Anyways, Go check it out.... Maybe you'll find the deal for you!! You can also see my favorite places to visit and click on the link directly.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Designs By Vanessa Giveaway

Go check out Vanessa's fun giveaway. She has an etsy store as well. Leave a comment to be entered in her drawing!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blog Candy - Who Wants Some?

Go check out this blog and leave a comment... who knows, you may just win. Secretly, I hope I am the winner. lol

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school. Sara is now a junior, Victoria is in 3rd grade and Emma has finally started kindergarten. I say "finally" because she has asked me all summer, "How many more days until school starts?". Emma went for only 2 hours as a get to know the teacher day, while Sara and Victoria went until 12:20. Today is the first full day of school. I thought Emma would be a bit nervous today, but no.... she went right in with no problem. I think it bothered me more then her. I also think she is comfortable knowing that her cousin Nicolas is in her class and Victoria and Mark are also there. Mom and Aunt Buster came to see the kids yesterday before they went in. The kids love that!!! It is so sweet of them to take time for the kids - always! The worst part is that Victoria and Emma enter and exit school on total opposite sides of the building. So far I have been lucky to get a parking spot in the middle and we walked Victoria to her line then I took Emma to hers. When the weather gets cold out, I will use the drop off zone in the morning. It is so quiet in my house right now... not sure what to do about that. I will be venturing into the girls bedroom to clean and throw out a bunch of stuff while they're not home. I don't want to waste anytime. For all of you with kids, I hope your first week at school goes well.

Emma by her door - very first day of school ever!!! WooHoo Emma

Here is a picture of Sara and her Tinkerbell backpack:

Victoria and Emma outside of school:

Emma and Nicolas waiting online to go into class:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our New Born...

Mark has been calling Sara "Our Newborn" since the day she was born, well she turned 16 in February and is quite the little lady now. Today was an exciting day for her. After getting a 94 in June on her written driver's test and completing 6 hours of driving lessons today.... She received her driver's permit!!!! We are so proud of her. She is super excited! Mark took her out this afternoon for a bit but they made each other a bit nervous since it was her first time driving our van. He took her out a few times in our 1992 Tracker which is way smaller and had no problems. I plan on taking the girls to the mall tomorrow to get the first day of school outfits since everything new they have is long sleeve and it will be too warm for them to wear on Wednesday. Sara has begged me to let her drive. Reluctantly, I said ok because we have to go on the highway but there are no lights and everyone should be in work by the time we go at 11am. I will be on top of her with my eyes not my mouth as not to make her nervous but her sisters will be with us and I have to make sure they keep quiet as well. Wish us luck... LOL