Saturday, September 20, 2008

TIGS Teenagers and a Pizza Guy

Sara had a group of friends over to celebrate going back to school. What a great bunch they are!!! They all belong to a club called TIGS. Basically, TIGS is against drugs, alcohol and racism. Sara went away to camp with this group and kids from all over the state over the summer. They are very active in the community, with the elderly, troubled teens, and foster children. I will be doing a post this week about this wonderful club with more details. Anyways, they decided they wanted to order pizza from a local rest. While waiting for the delivery, they decided to make the "Pizza Guy" a hat and poster and cheer for him as he entered our yard. They also took pictures, sang to him and gave him a cupcake. He even got to keep the hat and poster. lol He said that they made his night since it was his last delivery for his shift. I don't think he knew what to think. It was so funny that I had to take a few pics. The kids said they did this at camp and couldn't resist doing it once more. The kids ages ranged from 15 - 18. They started arriving at our house around noon and left around 10:30pm. I think we ended up with 14 total before the night was over. They were all so good that I invited them back for a November 1st Halloween Bash.


Corey said...

that is so cool for the kids! and yay that the pizza guy went along with it!

Vanessa said...

Hehe too funny! Sounds like a great group!