Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school. Sara is now a junior, Victoria is in 3rd grade and Emma has finally started kindergarten. I say "finally" because she has asked me all summer, "How many more days until school starts?". Emma went for only 2 hours as a get to know the teacher day, while Sara and Victoria went until 12:20. Today is the first full day of school. I thought Emma would be a bit nervous today, but no.... she went right in with no problem. I think it bothered me more then her. I also think she is comfortable knowing that her cousin Nicolas is in her class and Victoria and Mark are also there. Mom and Aunt Buster came to see the kids yesterday before they went in. The kids love that!!! It is so sweet of them to take time for the kids - always! The worst part is that Victoria and Emma enter and exit school on total opposite sides of the building. So far I have been lucky to get a parking spot in the middle and we walked Victoria to her line then I took Emma to hers. When the weather gets cold out, I will use the drop off zone in the morning. It is so quiet in my house right now... not sure what to do about that. I will be venturing into the girls bedroom to clean and throw out a bunch of stuff while they're not home. I don't want to waste anytime. For all of you with kids, I hope your first week at school goes well.

Emma by her door - very first day of school ever!!! WooHoo Emma

Here is a picture of Sara and her Tinkerbell backpack:

Victoria and Emma outside of school:

Emma and Nicolas waiting online to go into class:


Marti said...

They grow up too fast don't they? You will love having free time to yourself though, and she looks like she's gonna love it!!! They all look so sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

Miss you so much. We have to get together soon. The kids look great on the first day of school.
I bet Emma was excited.



Colleen said...

You got some great pictures and I hear ya on all the questions about when school started all summer! Looks like everyone was pretty happy about going!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing them. What a great day, the day you finally get control of the remote for 5 whole minutes without cartoons!!!
love and miss you

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Wow! I can't believe Emma is in School!!! Wow~!

LaurieStar said...

Kimmarie - your kids are all adorable! I'm glad that you're enjoying some "Mom" time and getting things done. It must feel weird with all that quiet!

deb said...

Oh my gosh are they ever cute. Wow - first day of school. I won't be ready! :)