Monday, December 20, 2010

Only 5 More Sleeps

before Christmas arrives! Looking back at my last post, it was titled WOW It's December 2nd; where did the month go? I am so excited for Christmas. I love watching the kids open their gifts and spending time with family. I am done shopping for my girls and their presents are all wrapped - whew! Now to finish the adult family members. This is where I have a minor panic attack. I haven't bought my parents anything yet. I am heading out to shop at 8am before work then back out around 4:30 with my dad. Hopefully I can get all done by Wednesday. I hate wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. I just want to spend the night with Mark and the girls and have a nice dinner and movie night. I hope you all enjoy the last few days before Christmas!


Amy said...

I can't believe how quickly December is going! Luckily I have all my preparations done so I'm not too stressed, hope you get your shopping wrapped up soon!

deb said...

Yay for being all done!! I'm finally done shopping and will wrap today I think. Have a wonderful Christmas, Kimmarie! Take lots of pictures to scrap. :)