Saturday, May 22, 2010

Victoria Turned 10!

Victoria's favorite color is blue. The inside says "just for you" Happy 10th Birthday. Love Mom and Dad She absolutely loved the card. She doesn't like flowers and pink, nothing too girlie.

Taking my girls to the movies and lunch to celebrate Victoria's 10th birthday! WOW 10 years old already! I hope the sun shines for her today so we can have some bbq for dinner.

The sun peeked out for a little while today. After the movies, we came home and Victoria and Emma played in the yard jumping on the trampoline, playing ball and running around. We had a light bbq for dinner and mom stopped by for a bite.

We just finished watching the Blind Side with Sara. Great Movie. WOW I went to see Letters to Juliet another great movie and Blind Side tonight at home, no action at all and I really enjoyed myself. I usually only like to watch action packed movies. Half way through Letters to Juliet, my mom leaned over and said... If someone doesn't get killed... and we laughed. She likes the same type of movies as I do. All in all I think Victoria had a nice birthday and lots of family time with her sisters.

I just sent everyone to bed. Good night my sweet birthday girl. Hope your 10th was memorable! I love you Victoria!

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