Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to School

School started so late this year, Sept. 9. So many schools around us started one week earlier. The girls couldn't wait to get back into school friends, learning new things and meeting new teachers. I kept them busy all summer with learning activity books but it just doesn't compare to homework. As soon as they come home, they are both so excited to show me test scores and go over notes and start homework right away. I started the homework routine right after school back when Sara was in kindergarten and it still works so well for us. This way they can eat dinner as soon as they are done and the rest of the night is theirs. Emma is thrilled to be sitting at a desk this year in first grade (no more tables) oh and their bathroom is now in the hallway and not in the classroom so the first graders feel like big kids now. Victoria is so happy that the desks are in rows this year (4th grade). I guess it gives them more independence. Sara is rockin Senior Year! She absolutely loves it. I met her teachers the other night and they are all so young and cool. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Orack. I think he is 23 and he teaches Calculus. He teaches them the same way they learn in college which is great since she wants to be a math teacher. She also is a teacher aid for 1 1/2 hours in the 4th grade math class. This will help her so much when she is applying for college.

What have I been up to while the girls have been busy with school? We decided to move Emma and Victoria up to the attic where my scraproom was and put my scraproom on the main floor where their bedroom was. Mom and I have been busting our butts organizing and moving things up and down. In between, we go to the movies, shop, go out to lunch and hang out. I Love having mom around so much! I will update with before and after pictures of the new rooms once done. I hope to be all moved around by the weekend. Fingers crossed!


Marit said...

Thanks for your sweet birthday wishes on my blog today! Have a great weekend!

LaurieStar said...

Hi Kim -

Thanks so much for always dropping by and leaving me comments - it really picked me up and made my day. Your daughters are really so cute - you're lucky! :)

LaurieStar said...

Hey Kim -

Just checking up on you. When do we get to see those pictures of your rooms all moved around??? Inquiring minds love a makeover! :)