Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pictures

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween this year. The weather couldn't have been more perfect here in NJ. No coats!!! I hate when the kids have to hide their costumes under winter coats, kinda defeats the purpose of dressing up. We got lucky the past 2 years. The girls had so much fun and to my surprise they were all pooped out by 6:30 and in the shower by 7:00. We lit the fireplace and I made them a camp out in the living room and they were out cold by 9:30.
Here are my monsters:
Victoria is a Vamptessa and Emma is Morticia (?) from the Adam's Family.

Here is Sara as a referee and her friend at their TIGS Halloween party.


Marjorie said...

Super cute costumes...

KSmith said...

I my that is the best costumes and picture captures the moment so perfectly. I can't wait to see this scrapped.